Medical Marijuana

What to Expect When You Go to a Dispensary 

We are finally seeing a time in the United States where more and more people have access to using medical marijuana on a regular basis. There are currently about 39 states in the nation that have legalized the use of medical cannabis in varying degrees, and I am sure we will see at least one or two more states make similar programs this year. It is safe to say that more people in the United States have access to cannabis than ever before, and they can all do it without the threat of being charged with misdemeanors or federal offenses.

However, there can be some confusion among medical patients when they are first starting out in the medical marijuana program. When a specific state begins to legalize a medical marijuana program, it does not take long for dispensaries to begin popping up all over the place. For some people who have never set foot in a dispensary before, this can be a little bit disorienting. However, I am writing this post today to help all of those new medical marijuana patients who are just trying to get the swing of things while trying cannabis for themselves. You may not really know what to expect when you find yourself at a cannabis dispensary, and that is okay. Follow what I have to say in this article and you will be just fine!

One of the first things that you can expect on your first visit to a dispensary is to get carded. Even though some states allow cannabis to be purchased for recreational purposes by all adults over the age of 21, this is not necessarily the case in every state. In states that have only legalized medical marijuana, you can expect to be asked for your medical marijuana card and probably an ID like your driver’s license. This is just necessary for the dispensary to do in order to be sure you are who you say you are.

There is no need to be nervous about handing over your ID and MMJ as long as you have nothing to hide. Another thing that might catch you by surprise is noticing armed guards outside of or within the dispensary. While this might be startling, it is not uncommon and is something that many dispensaries do to ensure that their products and customers remain safe and protected. After all, the resale value of cannabis is extremely high, making it a potential target for thieves. Pay no attention to the guards if you notice them!

Another thing you should expect when you make your way over to a dispensary for the first time is that you may have to wait to be served. Medical marijuana facilities are very clinical and can be compared in some ways to a doctor’s office. Oftentimes, the medical providers and staff at the facility can only speak with and serve one patient at a time. With that being said, you should not have to wait for more than 15 minutes or so, but you may have to sit in a lobby for a little bit.

At recreational dispensaries, you will experience something different, but you still might have to wait because of all the people buying weed at that time. Another thing you need to know before going to the dispensary for the first time is that you should do a little bit of research into your health condition and the type of strains that you might want to try. While the budtender working there will be happy to help you find the right type of strain and product, it still might be a good idea to know a little bit about what is offered before you show up.