Medical Marijuana

All about Cooking with CBD 

CBD like other cannabis products is soluble in fat, which means that you can use this in cooking, and it’s very simple to use. You can infuse it with olive oil, ghee, and other products in order to create the most savory of dishes. You can also use neutral fats like coconut oil too in order to make these treats. 

First, only use Quality Oil 

When you’re cooking with CBD oil, you want to always make sure that you’re using a product that’s high quality and made by a manufacturer that’s reputable. The oils with bad ingredients and terrible processes can make it not as effective, and some of them contain traces of other chemicals too, including pollutants, pesticides, and fungi, along with other contaminants to ingest too. 

With the flower itself, you do need to decarb them in order to release the chemicals and convert it to both CBD and THC and let them live there correctly. Once decarbed you then extract these compounds within a carrier oil to use in the cooking. 

Some people like to use olive or canola oil, but the key here is any cooking fat that you like and prefer. Take it, and put it in low heat for a few hours, strain it, and then make sure it cools. You have to decarb because otherwise, it won’t be able to be pure CBD or pure THC, and it’s something that must be done. 

Infuse it 

Once you’ve done this, you simply infuse it into different types of foods that you enjoy. Some people like to start off with a couple drops of CBD in the tea that you have, or maybe in your morning coffee. This is good if you prefer to have it in the morning, or at night with a nice herbal blend of tea. 

Smoothies are another since well, they taste good and cannabis works with this. You can drop some CBD in there, and even just a few drops of the oil itself, to truly get the benefits f this and infuse it correctly. Soups are another popular one, since you do use oils for this, and you can put the CBD in a fun carrier oil. It is good too since you can use this in a variety of different soup types. 

Like to dip veggies or other fun treats not your favorite dips and sauces? Well, you can add CBD to this to infuse it, and it’s simple to do. This is because there’s a lot of fat in this, so it’s vee as to infuse this with the canna oil or the butter itself. 

You can use this as both an appetizer dip, or even as a sauce that you put on top of your favorite foods and desserts too. 

Finally, we’ve got brownies and cookies. This is probably the most common way to do it, since well, it uses cooking fats and oils and it’s very easy for you to put it in there.You can infuse pretty much any baked good with CBD, and it also works for cannabis products too. 

Make sure to dose it correctly. 

When you do this, just like with THC, you want to dose it correctly.  If you’re serving something and you normally take a certain amount of CBD oil every day, multiply that by the servings of the recipe before you eat it. Be smart with it, since while it isn’t psychoactive, it offers a more familiar way to properly dose and get the effects of CBD, no matter what you choose to do with it.